Pardon Canada is a leader in the pardon and waiver industry in Canada.  Pardon Canada processes about 6000 pardon and waiver application on behalf of Canadians every year.  If you have been convicted of any crime in Canada, either a summary or indictable offense, you have a criminal record.  Getting a pardon clears your criminal record from Police and court databases across Canada so you will no longer have a criminal record.

Every case is unique and Pardon Canada needs to asses every case on it’s own merits.  However typically for summary offenses you need to wait 3 years before applying for a pardon, for indictable offenses the waiting period is 5 years and for sexually based offenses the waiting period is at least 10 years.  You must also complete any additional conditions of your sentence such as the payment of fines and restitution if applicable to your case before being eligible for applying for a pardon in Canada.

Getting a pardon in Canada has it’s benefits.  Firstly you would be unhindered by having a criminal record, secondly it will open the door to volunteer opportunities in your community and thirdly you will not have to keep your criminal record a secret from your friends, family or even your spouse.  These are just some of the benefits of getting a pardon.  For more information please contact Pardon Canada for a free consultation.